Atomy is global distribution hub. We compete with mass merchandisers such as supermarkets, department stores to reshape and transform the way of purchasing goods through online shopping. Atomy is rewriting the the history of Network Marketing.

ATOMY Co. Ltd, is founded in 2009 and was launched first in USA in 2010. Atomy is a global distribution hub, formed in joint-ventured with the top Research & Development (R&D) companies; KOLMAR, who is a 100+ year old cosmetic magnate manufacturer & the 50+ year old KAERI, the first science and technology research institute in Korea handling the Nuclear Plant of the country. KAERI also formulates food & health supplements for astronauts and scientist to protect them from the radiation around their working environment, such as HemoHIM. Now being distributed to humankind due to the wide & strong radiation of the earth.